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Too Much Instant Replay?

by Tom King

I'm all for Major League Baseball to increase it's use of instant replay. There is no reason that in today's world of high def, super slo-mo technology that we should rely on the eyesight and reflexes of 40 & 50 something men that, let's face it, are not in the best physical shape. Too many games have turned over the years on blown calls...so congrats to Bud Selig for finally embracing the tech...and then promptly screwing it up.

I'm talking about giving the managers the role of challenging the calls on the field...three challenges per game...2 in the first six innings and 1 in the last 3. How many times have a we seen a pro football coach blow a challenge call and the interminable time it takes for the on-field ref to go under the hood.. We need an official in the booth looking at super slo-mo high def screens to determine if a call was blown and should be overturned. And it should be someone who is not going to be afraid to overturn a blown call. The last thing we need is a yes-man who will just back up his buddies in blue.

And, all plays that are being reviewed should be shown to the crowd using the same video that the officials are using. At some ballparks now, a controversial call is not shown to the crowd...that has to change.

I'm afraid that the challenge rule is going to be adopted and it's too bad. They just couldnt help themselves but to muck up a good idea by going to far.