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A Fan-tastic Response

by Robb Reel

First, it was just a funny story.

By now, you've heard of Scott E. Entsminger.  The 55-year-old from Mansfield, Ohio, didn't do anything particularly spectacular in life; by that, I mean that he went to work and had a family and lived just as you or I do.  He didn't set some record or achieve some noble or notable goal to put him in the history books.  In that respect, he died as quietly as he had lived on Thursday, July 4.

In death, though, he was pretty spectacular.

Entsminger was a lifelong fan of the Cleveland Browns.  In his obituary, he asked for "six Cleveland Browns pallbearers so the Browns can let him down one last time."   Several readers of the Columbus Dispatch certainly got a chuckle.  One laughed hard enough to pass the obit along to someone in Radio with Pictures -- that's what I call TV.  Soon, thanks partly to the notoriously slow nature of news during a holiday weekend, Entsminger's last request was nationally noteworthy.

It could have ended there, with Cleveland as the butt of yet another joke.

The Browns response, however, has been priceless.  The organization not only reached out to his widow, Pat, but inquired of Scott's favorite player.  Lou "The Toe" Groza wore #76 and now the Entsminger will have a jersey with that number and their name to commemorate Scott.  A member of the team's front office personally delivered it to Pat at the memorial service today.

No word yet if any players were there to "carry" out Entsminger's final wish.