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What We’ve Learned From The NFL (Week 6)

by Cade

\It’s, put up or shut up time in the NFL.  This is the part of the season that teams start to make their playoff push.  This is the time that the cream rises to the top and the imposters fall off the post-season radar.  Some of those teams are glaringly obvious, others not so much.

My first thought...

The best division in football is the AFC West.  Its home to the remaining pair of undefeated teams, Kansas City and Denver.  The fun part is that they still have to play each other twice in the regular season and something will have to give.  As remarkable as the turnaround is in KC, you certainly have to give the edge to Peyton Manning and the Broncos in that match-up.


What the hell happened to the NFC East???  Teams that seem to do well every year are stinking up the joint this season.  Chip Kelly’s Oregon-style, up-tempo offense in Philly was supposed to change the league.  That hasn’t happened.  Fans were excited to see 500 plays per game.  As it turns out, not only were defenses having a tough time with such a high rate of plays, so was the offense!  It takes a while to condition these guys to play that way.  The Eagles are tied with Dallas for the division lead at 3-3.  I’ve always hated the nickname, America’s Team.   Who came up with that anyway?  Choke-artist Tony Romo looks good this year, but would you ever trust him to make a play at the end of a game?  Washington quarterback, Robert Griffin III is still recovering from a nasty knee injury he suffered last year.  He’s starting to get his explosiveness back, but until he’s back to 100-percent his team is at a disadvantage.  How ‘bout those New York Football Giants?  Awful.  This is a team that was in the Super Bowl two years ago.  Now, they sit without a single win heading into Week 7.  The only good news for Giants fans, is that they play the dreadful Vikings with a brand-new quarterback on Monday Night Football this week.

Thought number three…

Seattle was my early Super Bowl pick.  I jumped off the Seahawks bandwagon for a spot with the Saints.  I still like my pick of New Orleans to represent the NFC, but Seattle definitely has what it takes to make it there, too.  As good as they are already; more help is on the way.  Wide-receiver, Percy Harvin should be back before Thanksgiving.  That will certainly help perk up the already-potent passing attack.  As will the return of a pair of big men, left-tackle, Russell Okung and right-tackle, Breno Giacomini.  The Seahawks are only getting better.


My Super Bowl XLVIII prediction.  Please understand that this feature could change each week depending on what teams do on any given Sunday.  As it stands now, I’m sticking with my picks of The New Orleans Saints and Denver Broncos in the big game this February in the Meadowlands.

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*image courtesy of: Pixabay.com