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Watch The Platform, Ronnie

by Nick Vitrano

It’s a good thing that Ronnie Lott played in the NFL – he’s used to bone jarring hits.  Of course, Lott is used to doling them out, not receiving them...from the floor.

This past Saturday on the Pac-12 Network, Lott, in an effort to make a point, tossed his wallet and pushed back from the table.  Watch the platform, Ronnie: 

Funny as it is, that could have been really bad for Lott.  I'm not trying to be dramatic here, but that's a decent fall, and an unexpected fall.  Nobody thought to run over to his side, make sure he was OK?  Seriously, not one person got off his butt to see if he had smacked the back of his head or messed up a wrist or his back?  That's a tough fall for anybody, but Lott is in his mid-fifties now.  I remember playing golf with my dad a number of years back and he wiped out coming out of a sand trap.  While I labored to collect myself, my brother looked at me and said, "Dude, he's 60 now, that's not funny anymore."  Of course he was laughing too, but he was kind of right.  I'm not putting Lott in a premature coffin, but I'd like to think that I would have at least stood up.