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12 year old busts cop parked illegally on his motorcycle.

by Jon Henseler

Alright so Charles Ramsey pretty much won the internet today but this is another viral video that's been making the rounds. Lot of polarizing discussion on this topic. Some people taking the kid's side, some people taking the cop's side. Now I feel like it would be in pretty poor taste to bash a 12 year old kid on the internet but then I realized that the perfect place to bash a 12 year old kid is on the internet so it was kind of a catch-22. I guess I'll just say that the next time I don't take a cop's side on matter's like this will be the first. Like, yeah, technically speaking he probably shouldn't have been parked on the sidewalk in a non-emergency, but at the same time I feel that if at any time you could end up dead during the course of your work day, then you can probably park on the sidewalk for 120 seconds to get a liter of cola. Plus I'm not sure what this kid is doing getting his Chris Hanson 'what are you doing here' on anyway. Like, bro, you're 12. You should be hanging out with your buddies, playing baseball or trash talking rejects like me on XBOX Live when you light me up by 60 points in Madden. Spending your free time busting cop's balls when you're 12 is a waste of your youth. May as well spend your allowance money on books*.

*Was going to put 'instead of...' but then realized I have less than 0% of an idea of what 12 year olds spend money on. If this kid were 12 year old Jon then it would have said 'instead of pogs, hacky sacks and Magic The Gathering cards.'

PS: Another reason I'm taking Lt. Farva's side? 'Dat Stache.

Double PS: Liter's French for give me some f$#@#$ cola!