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20 year old kid from Michigan throws a huge party, gives epic TV interview the next day.

by Jon Henseler

Listen before we break this down let me just state this clearly so I don't get a call from corporate later (Mom). Strange Brew does NOT condone underage drinking, drug use, etc. etc. We don't not, not condone it, but we definitely don't condone it. Plusif you're going to get upset about a 20 year old kid throwing a Project X-style party with enough booze to kill Andre the Giant then you're basically going to be upset 25 hours a day, 8 days a week. Kids between the ages of 16-20 have been trying to drink beer underage since the dawn of time and will continue to do so until the end of time. It's a story as old as Adam and Eve and forbidden fruit. Just change out the apple for Natty Ice and this kid James Taylor's story is a paraphrased story from the Old Testament.

That all being said, this is one of the best videos I think I've ever seen. When he said 'I didn't make this kid pass out on my floor' and they panned down and there was literally a kid passed out on the floor I legit laughed out loud. I know some will watch that and act disgusted but deep down in places you don't talk about at parties there was at least a chuckle let out. Like what is that kid's story? The news crew literally had to step over him to do this interview? Next level stuff right there. And how about the guy he was talking about that read about it on social media and just started driving all day from Tampa to MICHIGAN! Like the 'People will Come' scene from Field of Dreams. And to top it all off the final soundbite 'I feel like anyone that's got a real problem with me partying out here in the middle of nowhere, is a spaz.' Bingo. Again, officially we at Strange Brew would fall into the spaz category, unofficially Party On Wayne.

PS: I remember when I turned 20 my folks were out of town and I threw a party with all my friends at the house. Not NEARLY what this kid did, comparatively my party looked like a book club, but you get the point. I'll admit though it was one of the worst times I ever had pre-21. All I could do was worry about people spilling drinks, breaking things or puking. So all I did all night at my party was put coasters under drinks, carry around a garbage can when I saw signs of hurling and putting up dog barriers so people wouldn't go upstairs. Essentially it was like being a pre-school teacher/bouncer except instead of dirty 4 year olds it was dirty 20 year olds. Basically a horse apiece.

Double PS: Not sure if my folks ever knew that but they do now. Jokes on them though since it happened 10 years ago they have no legal recourse. Everyone knows the statute of limitations is 10 years. Once that time goes by you can't be held accountable. That and you can't be arrested twice in the same day for the same crime. Little legal knowledge for you.

Triple PS: Still laughing at this: