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2014 Dennis Rodman makes 1996 Dennis Rodman seem sane.

by Jon Henseler

Remember when Dennis was just casually kicking cameramen on the baseline of the United Center? Or strolling through Times Square dressed in drag? Or changing his hair color every game during the NBA Finals and playing mind games with Karl Malone? Wow that was crazy! He's so wacky! What will he do next! Well fast forward about 20 years and he's become BFF's with a ruthless foreign dictator, sang happy birthday to said dictator like he's Marilyn Monroe, and put together the worst/greatest group of rag-tag former NBA players to play exhibition games in North Korea. I feel like there's a chance he thinks he's actually living out the movie Space Jam. And I also think there's a real possibility that he might be the only reason we aren't in a conflict in North Korea. And I'm really not sure which of those previous two statements freaks me out more.

Either way to quote one of the great scientists of our time, Peter Venkman, Dennis has gone bye bye Egon, you got anything?

PS: Honest to God question for Vin Baker; worse situation playing for Mike Dunleavy and the Bucks in 1992, or playing in North Korea in front of 10,000 'fans' who are scared that if they cheer wrong they'll be fed to dogs?