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3 year old kid debating with his mom about eating cupcakes for dinner.

by Jon Henseler

Hey Linda! Linda! Linda! Honey, listen, can my man here just get a damn cup cake? I mean how can you argue with his logic at the 1:47 mark: 'Lookit right now you can't do anything if we can't get everything out of the wefaea ifwe gonna break everything down.' Couldn't have been any clearer! So stop worrying about who's getting pow pow's on the butt and start doling out that sweet cake Linda. It's pretty clear he earned it.

PS: I honestly have no clue what he said for 97% of this thing but the pure fact that he is 3 years old and didn't resort to crying or throwing a hissy fit should earn him a cupcake. 

Double PS: In all seriousness this is pretty incredible logic and reasoning for a 3 year old. Little dude is probably going to be the next Saul Goodman. Unless he can't start speaking more clearly, then he's on his way to being the next Shannon Sharpe. Either way not a shabby outlook.

Triple PS: Hey Linda do us a favor after you had off the cupcake and stop shooting vertical videos. Thanks.