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Aaron Rodgers from 2005 on the Niners passing over him is GOLD

by Jon Henseler

Can't believe I've never seen this before given that 87%* of my time is spent on the internet watching videos but to say I think it's a sign that I found it on the Friday going into a Wild Card weekend against the Niners that the Packers are going to win is an understatement. It's called 'serendipitous' folks. Look it up. Or highlight 'when something happens and the timing makes you believe in magic' and right click on thesaurus. Either or. 

Anyway not much more to say on this game other than that if you are going you are a braver soul than I am. -20 regular temp with potential -55 windchill by the end of the game. Strong chance there will be fans that look like this after all is said and done. People will be putting their beers in Thermoses. But it looks like it's on track to finally be sold out so I will be able to watch it from the safety of my recliner in a Forever Lazy and then act like I went on the air the next day. Smoke and Mirrors 101. 

And yes, as you might have guessed I think the Pack will come out on top in a nail biter. Throw the records out because ours was compiled with the Island of Misfit Toys at QB for 8 weeks. Add in that the read-option had about as much staying power as The Magic Hour, and a warm weather team coming to play at Ice Station Zero and I think we pull it out. 17-14 Pack.

*10% eating and sleeping, 2% watching Netflix, 1% trying to create a cohesive Back to the Future timeline.