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Aaron Rodgers in the Badger locker room postgame.

by Jon Henseler

First off all, it takes a lot to take the shine off of Aaron Rodgers when he's involved in anything, but our man Evan Anderson just about did it. Dude hasn't played much since almost winning two state titles at Eau Claire North but I didn't realize his role was more behind the scenes. That was like Elaine-dance meets Bernie-dance meets Michael Flatley Lord of the Dance. Moves on top of moves on top of moves.

And second of all, how cool is it that A-Rod was in attendance last night to watch that clinic. Absolutely awesome. Dude knows a thing or two about beating Bears but even he might have had to jot a few notes down last night. That was an complete massacre. A Mortal Kombat Flawless Victory. I kept waiting for Baylor to make a run because EVERYONE makes a run in tournament games but it never came.* Defense hasn't really been this Wisconsin team's calling card like seasons prior but they're stepping it up at just the right time. Giving up only 54.7 ppg in the tourney. Arizona coming up on Saturday with the Final Four on the line. Best case scenario after Saturday is we're two wins away from a national title. Worst case scenario is the Badgers kept us entertained to within 36 hours of opening day.

*Into the mind of a degenerate: Up 21 with 8 minutes to go I was more nervous than if it was a 2 point game. I've seen those leads disappear in short order and then the team making the run has so much momentum they win the game in the last minute. So while everyone is celebrating I'm sitting there like Eeyore last night. 'What's wrong Jon?!' 'Just sad to see the season end.'

PS: 50/50 that Roger Goodell fines Rodgers for being at a basketball game. That dude has been on a ROLL the past 3-4 seasons with fines, suspensions and rule changes. Now it's a penalty and potential fine to dunk the football over the goalpost? Hey, Roger, my man, simple suggestion: do less bro. Do less.

Double PS: I don't know why this scene from Austin Powers popped into my head while I was searching for a topical metaphor for the Badgers beat-down of Baylor but it did.