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Aaron Rodgers Just Chillin' at a Middle School Football Game.

by Jon Henseler

So this picture was taken at an 8th grade Luxemburg-Casco/Howard Suamico game the other day during the Packer off day. Can't even begin to imagine how awesome it would be to be 12 years old, look up and see Mason Crosby and Aaron Rodgers watching your football game. Closest I ever came was in 7th grade during a middle school basketball game. We were playing in some tournament at CCA (huge rivalry with my school, Holy Name....like the Bloods and the Crips only with 80% less blood and 80% more Nicene Creeds). Well anyway I was sitting on the bench looking fresh to death in my patent leather Jordans with black Nike socks just waiting for our coach, Mr. Bubb, to put me in to signify that the game had been decided, and all of a sudden channel 4 weatherman John Malan comes waltzing in. Apparently his kid played on one of the other teams in the tournament. Anyhow to say he stopped traffic would be an understatement. Kids began whispering in hushed tones, stay at home mom's started having hot flashes, it was a whole scene. Now eventually I did get in the game (we were either up 50 or down 50 with 2 minutes left) and I found myself trying harder just to impress Malan. Like maybe he'd give me a shout out before the 7 day forecast or something. To say he was in my head would be an understatement. So while this moment was probably awesome for these kids, it probably also made them nervous as hell to have an MVP taking in their game. This is like Malan times plus infinity.

PS: Love that Crosby was there too. He knows what's up. Just make friends with the franchise player, makes it harder to cut you. Like Screech with Zack Morris. Screech was in by association.