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Aaron Rodgers 'Neighbors' ESPN spot

by Jon Henseler

Hey Rodgers! Expert marketing move by 'The Neighbors' producers here to get A-Rod to help promote their movie. The entire state's interest in this flick went up infinity times infinity. If it's for Aaron, it's for us may as well be our new state motto. Hell I took out a second insurance policy on my Jeep just because he sponsored State Farm. I've thought about intentionally getting in a car accident just to call David Gruber. I eat Pizza Hut on the regular even though it tastes like a hot circle of garbage. Sometimes I order and and just throw it right in the trash. So if Aaron is behind 'The Neighbors' then I'm game. Kind of wanted to see it anyway because I think I've been a Seth Rogen fan since Freaks and Geeks. That and Zac Efron isn't horrible. 17 Again was okay I guess. Charlie St. Cloud wasn't bad either. And High School Musical I'll watch only if it's on TV or in my DVD player. But that's it.

PS: You know what absolutely blue my mind when I went to see American Hustle? Frieking Discount Double Check guy is IN the movie! Like one of the most renowned film's of 2013 has a bit role for the 'HEY RODGERS!' kid:

Unreal. I literally screamed 'that's the discount double check guy!' in the theater. Side note: Turns out I was the only one interested in this story note. But what a crazy random drop in for that kid whose apparent real name is Adrian Martinez. Sorry Adrian. You're Discount Double Check guy until the day you die. Own it.