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Adam Wainwright pitching BP to Jeter steals the show last night. Cards fans think it was Lucroy's fault.

by Jon Henseler

So this was the comment that set the internet on FIRE last night. If the video doesn't show up you can find the link here because the second it hit MLB went into crisis lockdown mode and had interns shooting down every video that contained this quote seconds after it was posted like a game of viral video Asteroids. So the only place it apparently exists anymore is at Cinncinnati.com. Can't wait for advertisements for Bengals and Reds gear to start popping up in my Facebook newsfeed!

Anyhow unfortunately for Major League Baseball this hijacked the entire night. Wainwright going out of his way to say that he was grooving pitches to Jeter in the 1st inning. First off, no duh he did. Everyone knew that was what was going to happen and it was the right thing to do. A legend playing in his last all star game gets it set on a tee in his first at bat. Same thing happened for Cal Ripken Jr. So Wainwright got that part right. The part he didn't get right was stealing Jeter's shine by admitting it to reporters DURING THE GAME. Like 'Hey Jeter congrats on a great career and you're welcome for that meatball I gave you in the 1st inning!' Ummm what? You never admit to letting someone win when you let them win. That's day 1 stuff. It's like someone making an 'anonymous' donation but then going out of their way to tell everyone it was them. Sort of reminds me of the scene in Billy Madison where Billy's father tells him he paid off all his teachers. Rock, R-O-K . And of course once Wainwright said it social media went full b-a-n-a-n-a-s and took him to task for it. So much so that Wainwright gave a SECOND interview in-game apologizing for it. Hey Adam it's 2014, no recalls no callbacks ever heard of it?

And of course what did the best/classiest/most respectful fans in baseball blame for Wainwright's blow up? Jonathan Lucroy of course:

Just a small sampling. Acting like Lucroy was Crash Davis out there letting people know what was coming. Derek, here comes the deuce . And if we're being honest I think I could laugh at most of these posts if I believed they were tongue in cheek but they're not. Cards fans are genuinely this stuffy. Watching baseball in St. Louis must be about as much fun as inviting the Pope to your bachelor party. Hey Cardinal nation be more butthurt you can't.

PS: I hate the Yankees like any other red-blooded American but I can't say I've ever disliked Jeter. Between the clutch hitting and the dating roster what's not to like? This was a pretty cool video tribute from Jordan though. It was probably Adam Wainwright's idea.