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AJ Hawk hit sticks a fan at a golf tournament.

by Jon Henseler

And in classic AJ Hawk fashion his target was already 6 yards down field amiright! HEYO! This is where we come to have fun.

In all seriousness this is kind of cool considering that's what this guy wanted. I guess he could have asked for his Herbie Hancock on a football or something but nobody is blogging about a video of a guy getting an autograph from AJ Hawk. Plus what's the best case scenario for an autograph from AJ Hawk? Maybe he randomly makes some NFL history in the next few years and your autograph skyrockets in value. Then you take it to Pawn Stars ready to accept no less than $250 and you walk out with $15 (best he could do he's got to make a profit too). So instead he goes with getting trucked for the sake being different and getting a viral video. I kind of wonder if this will become an 'online' thing? When you run into athletes or celebrities you do stuff like this and record it? Run into Kevin Durant and have him dunk on you. Run into Usain Bolt and race him. Run into Aaron Rodgers and have him throw you a pass/question your sexuality. Run into Hayden Christenson and have him disappoint you with his acting. I kind of like it. Plus the videos provide bloggable content for internet journalists everywhere. This internet space isn't going to waste itself.

Also, legit question: if AJ Hawk cut loose and really let an average person have it, what would happen? Like the guy he tackles here seems to be relatively in shape and Hawk does not go full-Hawk on him. But if AJ Hawk tackled me at full speed what happens to me? Am I dead? I think best case scenario I'm eating mashed potatoes from a feeding tube for 5 weeks, worst case scenario I look like Marty from Not Another Teen Movie.

PS: AJ Hawk fun fact: AJ Hawk is the Packers all time leader in tackles. Yup. Look it up. A franchise that boasts names like Dave Robinson, Henry Jordan, Reggie White, Leroy Butler and Ray Nitschke has AJ Hawk as it's all time leading tackler. Again, nothing against AJ, he's never lived up to the '#5 overall pick billing' but he's been solid his whole career. You know what he's like? A grocery store package of chocolate chip cookies. No one is driving to one specific grocery store to get generic cookies, but if they're in the break room I'll eat one. Just kind of wild that in a franchise with so many Hall of Fame names he tops that list. It would be like finding out Lynn Dickey has thrown for the most yards in franchise history.

Double PS: AJ Hawk fun fact: AJ Hawk's favorite bird is actually a falcon.