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Al Michaels is a Sochi Sensation

by Jon Henseler

Al Michaels so hot right now. Al Michaels. I mean this guy has been saying crazy stuff from the second he landed in Sochi and I for one can't get enough. 24 hours after laying down a curling bet in front of millions of viewers he's dropping Dafter Punk/sexual innuendo references right in Dan Patrick's grill mix. Love the way he slaps the table after he says it too. Like yeah, I'm Al friekin' Michaels folks. I don't deserve to be in this borderline 3rd world country and if Putin wouldn't have farted on Costas' pillow I'd probably be hibernating at home until NFL training camp. Deal with it. 

Sort of love Patrick's reaction too. Look we've all heard the rumors of what goes on in the Olympic Village. Like Michaels' joke was harmless but Patrick still had that 'dude, relax my wife and kids are watching' look. Classic Michaels not giving a single fudge.

PS: I know it won't happen but I'm holding out hope that Al Michaels rips a few shots of Stoli on Saturday morning and covers the USA/Russia hockey match for old time's sake.