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Alex Trebeck just casually changing the pronunciation of 'gif.'

by Jon Henseler

Trebeck! What can't this guy do. Just changing the pronunciations of 'words' right in everyone's eye and there's nothing we can do about it. Definition of a power move. Power suit, power mustache*, what he says goes. Like it wouldn't surprise me at all if Trebeck just started doing this for every Final Jeopardy question. Blatantly wrong answers just because he can. Who bombed Pearl Harbor? The French! Who invented the automobile? John DeLorean! Whatever you say Alex. It's Trebeck's world and we're all just living in it.

Sidenote- it is absolutely ABSURD that he's claiming this is pronounced like 'Jif' peanut butter. 'Gif' stands for Graphic Image Files. Hard G all day. 

*I know he doesn't have one anymore but in my mind he does. Sort of like how Joe Namath played for the Rams but he'll always be a Jet or Michael Jordan played for the Wizards but he'll always be a Bull. Trebeck will always have a mustache. Always.

PS: So this is the opposite of 'jogging'?

Double PS: One of the first 'gifs' I ever saw was Jessica Simpson from Dukes of Hazard. Lost most of my 2006 to this bad boy.