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Apparently people are still upset with Gabe Wilkens' performance in Super Bowl 32?

by Jon Henseler

Alright I was taking a break from everyday operations here at Strange Brew World HQ and perusing my Facebook Newsfeed when I saw this comment section pop up from 540 ESPN in Milwaukee. I was initially intrigued because it mentioned Roy Hibbert's disappearing act in the playoffs which is a sensitive issue for me because I gambled some money on the Pacers last night and watched Hibbert appear less useful than Dan Gadzuric in his prime. It was mildly shocking given that the dude is 7'2 and an all star but he put up the Bluto GPA special last night, 0 points 0 rebounds. Big fella just looked listless out there. It's like the Monstars stole his talent or something.

Anyhow the question 540 posed on their FB page was what other athlete has come up 'small' in a big situation. So I start reading comments and seeing if there are any jokes I can steal for the ol' blog and act like they were original thoughts* when I see a Gabe Wilkins in Super Bowl 32 reference. Whoa! Caught me a little off guard. Seemed like an odd name to throw out there considering I haven't even thought of Gabe Wilkins since Y2K. So I figure it must me just an outlier comment or a troll comment. But then I see it again a few comments down! Wild right? Like of all the people to blame for that loss Gabe Wilkins seems like a bit of a reach. But the pure fact that not one but two people specifically brought him up I felt compelled to google 'gabe wilkins super bowl 32 I can't believe I'm actually googling this in 2014.' Couldn't find a shred of evidence that he came up short in that game. Then again I'm not sure how a 4 year vet with 12.5 career sacks could come up short? Just bizarre stuff. Like of all the things that will be said on the internet today I've got to believe Gabe Wilkins being taken to task for something that happened in 1998 has to be up there for 'craziest' right? Poor Gabe. People forget but the internet doesn't my man.

*#1 Pet Peeve in the blogging community is 'you stole my story'! Bro, the internet is the Wild West. It's a content free for all. Sorry I didn't MLA document your lil' comment . This isn't journalism and no one is winning a Pulitzer. Grow up.

PS: After that Wilkins Google search I came across this article . Very insightful look into why we lost Super Bowl 32 that will make your hate fire burn for Mike Holmgren for a quick second.