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Australian Kid survives a bee attack, ensuing interview is hilarious.

by Jon Henseler

Listen I still believe America is the greatest country on the planet so don't throw me in with Al Queda here, but this interview to me is a classic example of other country's just 'getting it.' Like could you imagine if this were Matt Lauer interviewing this father/son combo? Son gets attached by hundreds of bees, father says 'better him than me' on national TV. Outrage! Parenting groups would be condemning Pual Hogan here, child services would take the kid and put him on Obamacare*, and the internet would create a kickstarter for this kid and the bees who were injured in the attack. 'You don't like seeing your kids get hurt but you can't wrap them up in cotton balls.' FREAKING PREACH!

*Doesn't correlate at all but Obamacare is such a hot button issue that if I tag it in the blog I'll get way more hits than normal. Next level page views=me not blogging on my parents Intellivision. Also: Miley Cyrus.