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Badgers lose 4th in last 5 games.

by Jon Henseler

This is exactly how I picture the Badger locker room after last night's loss. In fact I think there are ways now where I could photo-shop a Bo Ryan head over the head of anorexic John Goodman but I'm not well versed in that type of internet witchcraft. Either way, a loss to a Northwestern program on your home court is not a good look. Losing to them at Jeopardy or a Carmen Sandiego map of Africa competition? Fine. But a basketball game? In the worlds of Alex Trebeck; 'Hahahaha, no .' Not when you're a fringe top 10 team and certainly not when you've still got to battle Ohio State, Michigan State and Michigan. 

Now that being said, despite the recent trip on the struggle bus, this Badger team is going to be fine. I know everyone got all fired up with the 16-0 start, talking about unbeaten years and #1 seed and blah blah blah. Look if you watched this team play any of those first 16 games, you knew they weren't a top 3 team. Too many defensive deficiencies and they were bound to have a 'rain dance ' kind of night like last night where they couldn't hit anything. It happens in 2014 in the college basketball landscape when there's as much parity and as many talented teams as there are across the country. So while it was a fun ride to start the season, our precious little field trip has ended pretty damn quick the last few weeks.

HOWEVA, this team is going to be absolutely fine. The only annoying thing is that the Bo Ryan haters are creeping out of the woodwork for the last 5 games. 'See! This team will never win a championship with Bo Ryan! We'll never make a Final Four! Moooooooom the meatloaf! We want it now!' And on and on it goes. These are the same degenerates that want Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy fired. Bottom line is, in this day and age a #1 seed gets you a first round bye and that's it. How many times do you see an 8 or a 9 seed take down a 1 seed in the second round? Hundreds (?). So while it would have been fun to watch this team go 30-2 or something, it's just not in the cards. They will be a 4 or 5 seed come tournament time and then it's just luck of the draw after that. And remember how young this team is. Dekker sophomore, Koenig and Hayes freshman, Kaminsky a junior. So while losing at home to a team that hasn't beaten you at home since before Y2K isn't fun to watch, this team will be more than okay. Besides what else are you going to do for the next month, watch the Bucks? Remain calm Badger fans, all is well!