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Best Video of a Hillbilly dancing with a raccoon in Tennessee you'll see today.

by Jon Henseler

(Uncle Si?)

You know that quote that girls put on their Facebook status updates when they feel like one of their friends is judging them and they want to send out a passive aggressive message? 'Dance like no one is watching, love like you've never been hurt, sing like no one is listening blah blah blah?' Well I'm not sure I entirely understood what that meant until this second. Because this guy is living the life folks. While the rest of us get caught up in social media, work meetings and double shifts, this guy in Tennessee is teaching us all how to live. Sometimes you don't need anything in life but a front porch, some Aretha Franklin, a diabetic raccoon and dance moves that would make Elaine blush. You do you my man.

PS: Reading the Youtube description; this guy's name is Mark 'Coonrippy' Brown and the raccoon's name is Gunshow. I don't know why but if I didn't know that and you asked me to just guess their names I'm pretty sure I would have gone with Coonrippy and Gunshow.