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Bill Murray's PBR golf pants are hot fire.

by Jon Henseler

(23432543th girlfriend stolen)

So this picture was going absolutely HAM on the internet yesterday and rightfully so. I mean Bill has got to be kidding me with these pants. Absolute gold. Don't want these pants, need these pants. And the best part about them is they look vintage. Like I know retro is what's hot in the streets right now (luckily I've been wearing the same stuff since 1999, just wait it out kids, fashion will come to you eventually) but those don't look like a 'reissue' made to look retro. Those pants look like something Bill had an intern dive into a dumpster for. Well whomever that intern/homeless person was is a hero in my eyes. I can't believe I've been blogging for 5 years* without these bad boys. Been sitting here in my Forever Lazy and occasional jorts all this time. Do you know how hard it is to be creative in jorts? Almost impossible. So I'm sending out the Unsolved Mysteries APB, if you or anyone you know has information that could lead to me wearing these pants please email brewcrewboy69@hotmail.com.

*Major league moment of introspection typing that. Holy moly what a colossal waste of a degree/life.

PS: UPDATE: After I did this blog I googled 'PBR pants' and couldn't find anything other than links to blogs better written than this one. So in the motto of my generation, I gave up. I mean I scrolled through an entire google search page. What more could I do?

Double PS: Name someone who has crushed life harder than Bill Murray over the last 4 decades. You can't!