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Bill Murray casually dropping by a bachelor party over the weekend with sage advice.

by Jon Henseler

First of all, how awesome is Bill Murray? Like if you legit made a list of the coolest people to drop by your bachelor party he has to be top 5 right? My personal list would be;

1. Bill Murray for the comedy/sage advice/Ghostbusters references.

2. John Stamos to bring in the girls that we'll all act like we're hooking up with after the party before inevitably watching the 2am Sportscenter while housing a pizza and swiping left for an hour on Tinder (classic!).

3. Chris Farley because you can't beat a big, sweaty guy with a great sense of humor and quick wit. Yeah I know he's not technically alive but at the rate I'm progressing toward marriage* I'm hedging my bets that we'll have a way to give select cultural icons the Lazuraus/Undertaker treatment. Will settle for a Chris Farley hologram. Will not settle for Kevin Farley unless he brings the rest of 2gether with him.

4. Wolverine. Listen it's a dangerous World Star Hip Hop world we live in. You go out with your boys with the best of intentions, get a little white girl wasted, run your mouth a bit and before you know it you're a viral video getting knocked out at your own bachelor party. Next thing you know internet tough guys like me are tuning you up on a blog the next day. So it's not a terrible idea to have a cooler around if things get out of hand. Plus the regenerative capabilities probably make for a nice parlor trick. Yeah he's fictional ask if I care.

5. Hulk Hogan/Ric Flair. I'm putting two guys in my #5 spot because even though I've seen them wrestle each other I'm not entirely convinced they're not the same person. Plus you can't go wrong with 80's/90's wrestling nostalgia. Not now. Not ever.

But, yeah, Bill is definitely high on everyone's list. And if you keep track of him on social media he has about one run in like this a week that goes viral. Pretty cool that even in his 60's he still goes out and is down to earth enough to have a little fun with normie's like you and I. He could easily have big timed these bro's but he didn't.

*30th birthday coming up. Not being married when you're in your mid-20's: HAHAHAHA awww he's still bach-ing it up! Hilarious! Not being married when you're in your 30's: Get it together weirdo.

PS: How true is what he said about bachelor parties too? 1,000% for the guys in the entourage not the bachelor. That's why I'll never understand dude's who just want to keep it 'low key.' Be more selfish bro you can't.

PS: In my world he absolutely has PBR pants on in this video.