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Bob Costas the lastest to get Sochi-ed

by Jon Henseler

I didn't see this live last night (just got the entire Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cartoon DVD box set nbd) but saw it tearing up the internet. Bob Costas just rocking some hardcore pink eye after spending less than 24 hours in Sochi. I mean Sochi is such a category 5 sh!tshow (no pun intended/intended) that it's now a noun AND an adjective. To get Sochi-ed. When you can occupy two parts of speech with your terribleness that is something to be proud of. 

And the best part of the whole thing is that the things that people are calling out when it comes to Sochi are the parts they ACTIVELY TRIED TO MAKE LOOK GOOD. Like have you seen pictures from elsewhere in the area? Makes England circa 1945 look like a tropical paradise. Hard to believe that the IOC ever agreed to have any sort of international competition there in the first place. Based on what we've seen so far basically every country in the world just got in the running to host an Olympic game. Iran Summer Olympics 2022 here we come!

PS: Wouldn't put it past Putin to have farted on every single pillow that members of the media are sleeping on after the tweets that have been coming out of Sochi. Come on Bob haven't you seen Knocked Up?! Then again maybe Costas was just really hiiiiiiigggghhhhhh. 

Double PS: Speaking of pillows, did you hear that they were running short for all of their fake hotels with fake plumbing? Legitimately there were pillow task forces set up to collect pillows from people's apartments to be used at the Olympic village. Classic Sochi.