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Boy Meets World Reunion at a TV festival in Texas!

by Jon Henseler

So I have a question. How much balls does it take to sell a 'Boy Meets World Reunion' to a crowd and not have Topanga or Feeny as apart of said reunion? Like those were the two people on the show that everyone cared about. Honestly I would take just those two over everyone else in these pictures. Like they didn't have Feeny or Topanga but they had that tall red haired chick who was on like two seasons? I mean they had Morgan #1 for cryin' out loud and no Topanga or Feeny!? Bush league city. This would be like the Brewers doing a reunion of the '82 team and not having Yount and Molitor in attendance. When I flipped on TGIF and watched this show I watched for Topanga's weird hotness and Feeny's wise-assery. Take a lap ATX.

PS: It is borderline scary how pumped I am for Girl Meets World. Like I'm on post boards reading about when it starts. I feel like Chris Hanson is going to pop up on the bottom of my computer screen like that Word Paperclip and wave his finger at me for being a 29 year old man creeping on a Disney show.

Double PS: How about Shawn Hunter still looking EXACTLY like Shawn Hunter. Dude could pick up any girl who grew up in the 90's. Easily my #1 overall pick for wingman.

Triple PS: Don't think I don't see you looking hot Morgan #1.