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Brandon Marshall says Jay Cutler can win the MVP.

by Jon Henseler

In a related story the NFL has called an emergency meeting to go over the list of narcotics covered in their drug testing policy. I mean when I saw this article circulating on social media yesterday I legit thought I was going to end up at one of those fakeshare* things that get my click 100 times out of 100:

Either that or a link to an Onion article or something. But nope! Brandon Marshall was apparently for serio (working on my bilingual blogging skills....with any luck in the next year you'll be able to get Strange Brew in Spanish, Brail and Shannon Sharpe). Either that or he's been hanging out with Josh Gordon all offseason. I guess at the end of the day I can't hate on him for supporting a teammate. It's like when musicians publicize their next album. They always say things like 'totally different sound' or 'my best writing yet.' They're never going to say 'there's one hit, three okay songs and the rest is filler' just like Brandon Marshall isn't going to say 'Jay will probably put up big numbers in this offensive but ultimately will either throw a crippling interception late in a big game or be sidelined indefinitely with a yeast infection.' So I get what he's trying to do. And Jay Cutler does play in the NFL which is a pre-req for winning the MVP. So I suppose he does have a 'chance' in the same way that I have a chance to date Kate Upton because we're both humans that live on Earth.

*That fakeshare stuff get me literally every time. Those links that look like legit articles and then you see what appears to be a young George Takei laughing at you. Just this week I got duped by a link for a season 6 of Breaking Bad, Aaron Rodgers sidelined for the season, and Ricky Martin Releasing first album in 10 years. Not proud of that last one.