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Braun getting LOOSE in Philly yesterday.

by Jon Henseler

First of all, total side note, did I just embed a video from mlb.com into a blog?! Impossible! MLB has been so far behind the curve on letting bloggers share their content you almost had to respect it. Like I think even Baseball Tonight was airing dramatizations of highlights until about 2 years ago. Is Bud aware of this? Or is this a situation where a younger intern just decided to put embed codes on their videos and he is too old to know or care. Like when your parents would leave town and you'd steal liquor and refill the bottles with water so it looked like nothing was amiss? What they don't know can't hurt them type deal. And Bud strikes me as an ignorance is bliss* kind of dude.

Anyhow in case you missed it yesterday here's the Ryan Braun home run boner jams from the game in Philly. So much for that thumb injury huh? I think my favorite part of the audio is the beginning of the first homer where you can hear someone in the crowd yell 'CHEATER!!' followed in the next millisecond by the crack of the bat on a ball that you just know is hit to the moon. And of course, as expected, once he went yard two more times in the same game you saw social media implode on it self with shots fired in Braunie's direction. Look I get that he is going to get heat from fans for the rest of his career. Especially when his name is announced on the road. To be fair about that point in regards to yesterday though, it was Philadelphia. They boo-ed Santa Claus for Christ's sake. Pretty sure anyone in a Brewers (and Phillies) jersey was going to get boo-ed yesterday. That's Philly's thing. Their signature. Like the Wet Bandits flooding a sink after they rob you blind. But I get it, he's going to be public enemy #1 probably for the rest of his career and rightfully so. All that I ask of opposing fans is to be funny with the quips. A little creativity you know? None of this 'guess he visited his doctor on his off day!' or 'guess he got a new supplier!' Zzzzzzzzzzz SO played. If you're going to go that route may as well just tell him you had sex with his wife . That'll get him.

*Without question one of the most accurate sayings of all time. It is 1,000% true. Ignorance is a very underrated quality. No clue who said it and I don't intend to find out (see what I did there?) but that person was/is a genius.

PS: I love how reporters at away games still ask him to give more information about his PED use. Hey, fellas, he's not talking about the past. Yeah ideally we'd all love to know the whole story but it's literally never going to happen. He pleads the fizith!