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Breaking Bad Finale and Series is why Doc Brown(?) Invented TV

by Jon Henseler

Percentage chance this video had an ad on it before 9:13pm yesterday? -20%. I mean how pumped is Badfinger this morning about their iTunes sales. Assuming they're all still alive which based on their Wikipedia I'm 70% confident they are. Nothing like getting some extra miles on a hit from 1971 because you inadvertently summed up the entire final scene of the greatest TV show ever created 32 years in the future!

Anyhow I don't want to put any spoilers in here but last night was the perfect finale to the Walter White saga. Not that we should be surprised. No show outside of The Wire* has ever been so consistently good from episode to episode, so the fact that the finale was a home run shouldn't come as a shock. And I know there are plenty of people out there who are sick of hearing people talk about how great this TV show is and are glad it's over but as far as I'm concerned those people need to be sat down in front of a TV with eyes pried open Clockwork Orange-style and be forced to watch the entire series beginning to end. It's just that good. It needs to be a part of your life syllabus. Hell the show is so good that it changed my approach to living life on Sunday. Normally I would wake up at 10am, check my fantasy roster, make a few parlay bets that I am certain will cash in until 30 minutes into game 1, and start drinking beer until I'm passed out and crying by 7pm. When Breaking Bad was in season I did all that but actively toned down my drinking so I could be mentally sharp when it came on.

The only downer is that it has sort of ruined other TV shows for me. Gilligan is such a great writer and producer that EVERYTHING in EVERY scene means something. So now when I watch other shows I'm always looking for hidden meaning. Like when Walt is humming 'El Paso' by Marty Robbins, the lyrics of that song mean something to his character, it's not just background noise. Sons of Anarchy is another show I love, but when Jax is sipping Folgers coffee, that just happens to be the brand on set. It's not a callback to an earlier episode in the series where something crucial happened involving coffee. But that's what made BB fun to watch. And I love mindless TV as much as the next person but this show makes you a better TV viewer. It's art. And Gilligan's art is the prettiest art of all the art   Thus endeth the bougie TV blog.

*I have no idea I haven't seen a single minute of it.

PS: I want to live in a world where Huell has been sitting in that room since the 3rd episode of season.

Double PS: I posted on Facebook last night that I hadn't been that affected by a series finale since Feeney said 'class dismissed,' but I was reminded of a series finale that had a VERY large impact on my that has left me emotionally scarred to this day. The Dinosaurs finale. Goodnight. Goodbye.