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Brett Favre finally set for Lambeau return in 2015!

by Jon Henseler

So if I were a more tech savvy blogger I would have found a way to mix this song with several Brett Favre highlights playing but you're talking to a guy who still types 'www' before a entering a web address into the URL box. Like the gap between my technological proficiency and Bud Selig's is negligible at this point. By New Years Eve 'Strange Brew' might well be a newsletter that you receive in the mail. So my best advice would be to open a second brower, open this video of Brett Favre's Top 10 plays, mute it, and start the above music video simultaneously.

The point is that if you're still feeling bitter about the Favre divorce I think all it's going to take is a montage of highlights set to the above video or Green Day's 'Time of Your Life' and it should melt your black heart. I know there was some discussion over bringing Favre back too soon so he doesn't get boo-ed, that maybe they walk him out there with Rodgers and Starr to avoid any harassment blah blah blah. Look if you still want to boo Favre that's your prerogative I suppose but no one is going to help you if a guy that looks like this sits on you like Yokozuna in his WWF heyday:

And I honestly can't imagine why fans would still hold a grudge. I'll admit I was as bitter anyone when he fake retired from the Jets just to sign in Minnesota. But I think that pick in the NFC Championship game in 2009 combined with a 6 win season in 2010 that saw Aaron Rodgers decimate him twice AND the fact that he then had to watch the man he hated most (Ted Thompson) hoist the Lombardi trophy that same season is more than enough punishment. Plus it's been FOUR years. I can't think of a single thing that I'm still mad about from 2010. And that was the year my hairline started to retreat, my gambling addiction was borne and I got involved in a pyramid scheme. So yeah not the best year for your boy Jon.

Bottom line is Favre mattered too much to this team and state to harbor resentment over a few sour notes. He helped make the franchise relevant again after 24 years of irrelevance that spanned 4 decades. I never had to suffer through 'the nothing' that was 1968-1992 but I've been told it was about as fun as having a wisdom tooth removed with no Novocaine while simultaneously watching the DVD extras to The Happening on a dial up connection. Basically the beginning of a Saw movie. And Favre was the primary reason the franchise was rescued from that. Plus it wasn't just the wins and the moments on the field, it was getting together with family and friends on Packer Sunday's, high fives with your Dad after touchdown passes, wearing Packer gear to school when they played on Monday Night Football, it was all of it. And Favre was at the center. So yeah it's time. It's long been time. Now the only question that remains is what game will he be coming back for next season and are Ticket Oaks real things.

PS: Just went to 'h-t-t-p-s backslash backslah w-w-w dot y-o-u-t-u-b-e dot c-o-m blackslash' and searched 'Brett Favre Coming Home' and it turns out someone made a video with his highlights to that song last year already. I also feel like there's a minimum 25% chance I've already used that exact video in a blog in the past 365 days.