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Brewers attempt to lock down Mean Jean Segura.

by Jon Henseler

Preach Ron! Preach! This pretty much sums up how I feel about Jean Segura in the small sample size we've seen from him this year and last. So when news came down yesterday that the Crew is already efforting a long term deal I was 1,000% on board with it. Sure we look a little like a Stage 5 clinger considering he's only played 80 Major League games but I think it's pretty plain to anyone with half a brain that this kid is the real deal. He's got Tom Emanski skills in the field, hits for average, sprays the ball to left and right, hits for more power than we thought and steals bases like Willie Mays Hayes. Honestly he looks like a 5 tool player. So is it a little early to commit? Probably. But sometimes you just know. It's like when a couple gets engaged after they only date for a few weeks and then are married for 7 decades. It's rare, but true love, like franchise shortstops, are rare in this world. When you find either, you hold onto them. Let's raise our glasses whatever we got in front of us, salute, health and happiness, I'm not a talker, I'm not a talker!

PS: Looks like we can set the 'days since John Axford made me write swears in my journal' back to 0. I think it was up to like 4 though, so a season high! Honestly I'm not on board with the 'fire Roenicke' clique that is forming, but he needs to stop sending Axford out there in one run games. Let him build his confidence back up in mop up duty, or in the 6th and 7th innings, but one run games in the 8th or 9th should not be his home for the time being. Again, I think Roenicke is a good manager, his record speaks for itself, but his ride or die attitude with Weeks and Axford is puzzling at best.