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Brewers call up Scooter Gennett!

by Jon Henseler

Now if only that blog title was time-stamped on May 4th and not June 4th we might not be in the middle of a long, boring movie going no where with no way out. 

So a lot of Brewer fans, including myself, got what we wanted yesterday when the Brewers called up 2nd base propect Scooter Gennett. Again, maybe too little too late, but at this point it's probably start to 'see what we have' because this season is deader than Donny*. Again, it's unfortunate that we're already doing September callups in June, but I guess it is what it is. Too many injuries, bad luck and Alex Gonzalez's to compete. Which is why Melvin and company finally left the latter outside of Miller Park yesterday like he was an old couch or something. I mean there were days with Gonzalez, Weeks, and Maldonado in the lineup that we featured three player's batting under .200. I guess it's not really surprising that we're nearly 17 games out when you consider that. 

So now the question becomes, what's the move between now and the trade deadline? Honestly with our dearth of pitching we should probably go Tobias Funke fire-sale. Aramis should probably be traded, Lohse, Hart, maybe Nori if the asking price is right. Hell trade Weeks for some Schrute Bucks if you can. Bottom line is we're not going to compete for a title this year or next, or really ever until we get some better, young pitching. Like our best two pitchers in the last 30 years were both acquired via trade, that's how bad we've been at developing our own. So if you can trade some contracts for young pitching prospects we need to do it. Plus the wave of Fielder, Weeks, Hart, etc. feels like it's past. We're on year 6 of a 3 year plan. I like the core of Braun, Lucroy, Segura and Gomez going forward, but we desperately need a guy like Peralta to pan out and to get one or two more pitchers to develop.

*I tried to dip this blog in realism for once but just know that in my heart of hearts I still think there's time. It's June 4th and there's an extra Wild Card. I don't care if Doug Melvin has to tie this season to his leg Weekend at Bernie's style, it just can't be over over yet.