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Brewers deal Aoki ahead of the Winter Meetings.

by Jon Henseler

Alright Aoki isn't dying but he is going to Kansas City so in the same way he's pretty much dying. Beyond that I'm sad to see him go but this move was either coming now or later in the season because of the logjam in the outfield. Clearly the Brewers think Khris Davis is the real deal, so this facilitates his move to left, and Braun moves to right because he has no choice because he got busted sucking on testosterone Jolly Ranchers (still tastes better than blue raspberry). Braun kind of reminds me of a dude who was caught cheating on his wife and she's sticking with him but he pretty much has to do what she says at this point. So while moving an MVP perennial all star to a different side of the outfield would normally be a big deal, Braun can't argue much. Hell Melvin could probably make him bullpen catcher for a while and he'd have to deal with it. 

Now in terms of value on the return? Not real sure. Will Smith is young, lefty, and had decent numbers last year. Projects as a relief pitcher or a starter. And comes with limitless Fresh Prince/Independence Day/Willenium references so if nothing else there's that. I guess the only thing I might have done differently is waited until the deadline to make sure Davis is for real. There have been MANY instances in this franchise's history where we've seen flashes from a player only to have them melt down like a Nazi holding the Ark of the Covenant later (see Hall, Bill; Nelson, Brad; Carr, Chuckie). So if Davis is batting .215 with 3 homers through April and May, then at least we have a guy we can go to who is proven. Plus we're going to miss Aoki at the leadoff position. Dude was 'the prototype' of leadoff hitters. Took a ton of pitches, worked the pitch count, only swung at strikes, basically the anti-Yuni B. Now my guess is that Scooter projects as the next leadoff hitter and if that's the case, I'm fine with the move. If we try and force feed Rickie back to the top then I've got problems. They took the bar, the whole $##W bar  type problems. 

So I suppose, as with anything in baseball, we'll wait and see. Maybe Will Smith turns out to be the next Tom Glavine. Maybe he turns out to be the next Glendon Rusch. But we will miss Aoki. Not only for his batting average but for the pure comedy of listening to Ueck attempt to pronounce his name for the first few months of 2012. I don't think that's the correct nomenclature Ueck!