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Brewers express interest in David Price. Definition of a 'KBD' situation here folks.

by Jon Henseler

What if I was to tell you that the Brewers were inquiring on the availability of a 28 year old left handed ace who has already won a Cy Young, owns a .640 winning percentage and a career ERA of 3.18 in the American League.....is that something you might be interested in? YES YES YES!

Well we've all been waiting for Brewers trade news and Sports Illustrated dropped a bomb this morning that Doug Melvin is at the very least finding out what it would take to land the Leg Lamp of acquisitions in David Price. This of course presents an interesting argument between the 'don't mortgage the future' crowd versus the 'all in the meatloaf we want it now' crowd. Now Doug hasn't responded to any of my queries that I write on the Brewers Facebook wall addressed to him so I can't say for sure but I'm going to assume that any deal will involve Jimmy Nelson. Hard to gauge what Nelson might 'be' in the future at the moment considering he's only 4 starts into his career but you certainly see what they're excited about. And if you keep him in the fold it feels like Peralta/Nelson would be our 1-2 at the top of the rotation in a year or two. What does that mean? Who knows. Maybe Nelson turns into a guy who wins you 15-18 games a year, maybe he needs arm surgery in a year and turns into Nick Neugebauer.

I guess you have to weigh what a year and a half of a guy like Price is worth versus a guy who might be a stud and under team control for 7 years at low cost. And it's not just going to be Nelson, it's going to be a BOAT of prospects. Like the paperwork on the trade proposal from Tampa to Milwaukee will look like the Treaty of Versailles being handed to the Germans after World War I. I suppose I've always been an 'all in' guy but if we're being fair I've also always had a hard time conceptualizing the future in terms of long term thinking. Like I'm 30 years old and don't have a single dollar saved for retirement. I haven't been to a doctor since I was 18 and the bottom of my food pyramid is trans fat and dark beer. I don't think I've read a single contract I've signed. So yeah, if we're talking about winning now as opposed to winning in 2018 I'm all for it. But all of those previous statements have something in common, 1) they're the reason I'm not a general manager and 2) they're the reason that 50-65 year old Jon is going to go through a rough period that best resembles the end of the movie Requiem for a Dream.

So what do you do if you're Melvin? If you had a Biff Tannon sports almanac and knew we'd win the World Series this season (and next....why not it's a blog let's get greedy) then you absolutely trade anything and everything. Let's face it, we're not the Yankees or Red Sox. We're not going to be 'in it' every year. In fact this is just the 3rd season in my 30 years of life we've been realistic contenders. On the flip side if you trade a ton of prospects, get Price and don't win it all this year or next, then where are you at from 2016-2020. I dunno, I say we crack a dark beer, dip some cheese curds in ranch dressing, trade the farm and go for it. We may be dead by the time we're 55 but at least we might have seen a World Series parade in downtown Milwaukee!

PS: I know it seems impossible but I think I may have started this trade rumor. Literally on the air last week I was talking about there were no trade rumors for the Brewers so maybe we'll just make one up. So I'll just say 'my sources' are telling me the Brewers are interested in David Price. Then everyone say they heard on the radio that the Brewers were interested in Price and before you know it a legitimate news source will pick it and hopefully by the time it gets to Doug Melvin he'll just take the 'well I guess if we're interested we have as well do it' approach. So here we are 5 days later and Sports Illustrated is reporting the Crew is interested in Price all because a small market radio DJ quoted anonymous ghost sources. See? You don't have to have truth to back up the things you say on the air. CNN and ESPN built an empire on it.