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Brewers get 4 to the All Star game, Lucroy can't overtake Molina.

by Jon Henseler

Preach Costanza! Preach! Start this video at the :51 mark* and that's pretty much how I felt about NBC Sports Hardball Talk internet journalist Craig Calcaterra on Friday. Guy posted an article (read it here ) that exploded in Brewer nation because it stated that Lucroy had overtaken Yadier Molina as the starter at catcher for the NL All Star team. Great news right? Like despite how good Milwaukeeains....Milwaukeeayins.....Milwaukeeans have been in the past about voting in their players the fact of the matter was that as recently as a few weeks ago Molina was still up on Luc by 700,000 votes. That's a mountain to climb in a short period of time. Not a Mondale/Reagan mountain but certainly a Dole/Clinton or at the very least a Pedro/Summer. So the news that he actually pulled it off was sort of a big deal. Especially to those of us that created so many burner email addresses that our legs fell asleep while we were voting on the porcelain Iron Throne every morning. So being that I was A) invested and B) a Brewer blogger by trade I immediately started circulating this information via Facebook and the blog**. Only to find out hours later that our man Craig apparently misread a tweet from Major League Baseball and Molina was indeed still ahead by 400,000 votes. Whoops! Just a tad off. Sort of like how Columbus barely missed India.

So to recap in the span of 10 hours Luc was down 700,000 votes, then up a few thousand, then down 400,000. Jesus Craig! Don't you know other people are relying on your information to copy and paste on our personal blogs and act like it was our own with no financial benefit to you? Have some respect for the internet dude. As a make good I will accept a personal apology and a 3 year contract to start blogging for NBC Sports effective immediately. I'll also settle for any kind of acknowledgement and 10 bit coins. The choice is yours.

Anyhow outside of that curveball over the weekend we did learn that the Brewers DID get 2 all star starters in Ramirez and Gomez as well as Lucroy making it as a reserve and K Rod out of the bullpen. First time we've had 4 all stars in a game since 2007 when Prince, JJ, Sheets and CoCo Cordero made it. Which is sort of an interesting corollary as a year because I think a lot of fans are worried that this year will turn out like that one. I think we started something like 24-10 that year, jumped out to an 8 game lead in the division and slowly pissed it away all year until eventually the Cubs won the Central. Well one thing is for sure, THAT exact scenario won't be playing out because if it does we need to all have our heads on a swivel for other signs of the apocalypse. Locusts falling from the sky, four horsemen, dogs and cats living together type of stuff. Aside from that I just don't see us completely folding. Our staff is too good to go into prolonged slumps. I'm not guaranteeing we'll win the division but this team is making the playoffs and that is a Strange Brew Mortal Lock. And I don't throw those around casually. Last one I think was the Broncos as a lock to cover -2.5 in the Super Bowl. So yeah, pretty airtight.

*I used to know how to set the time so that the video in the blog actually just starts there but I lost that ability somehow. Ever since I turned 30 it's been a steady decline in my tech savviness. Can't figure out how to set up voicemail on my iPhone either. At the rate I'm going it wouldn't shock me if I can't start my car by Thanksgiving.

**Just kidding about the blog part. News broke at 11am on Friday and my workday is a hard 10am (with a soft 6am start time) on Friday's. In some professions they say 'there is no overtime' because you work so hard you lose track of how long you've been working. In the blogging world 'there is no overtime' because there is no regular time and overtime, as I understand it, requires a full work day before it kicks in.