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Brewers 'Happy' video sums up the first two weeks nicely.

by Jon Henseler

I give it a 10! A 10! A frieking 10! If this doesn't sum up the attitude of the Brewers fans through the first 9 games of the season I don't know what does. Pitching and hitting clicking on all cylinders. Best start since 1998. Granted they finished that season at 74-88 but it just doesn't feel like this team is headed in that direction. And trust me I am as pessimistic with quick starts as they come. We've been catfished (trending young nbd) by Brewers teams out to quick starts before. But those teams I think we all sort of knew we were playing above our pay grade. This team seems legit. That '98 team featured the likes of Bob Hamelin, Scott Karl, and Marquis Grissom. This one features Carlos Gomez, Ryan Braun, Matt Garza and Hank the Dog. Now obviously at some point they're going to cool off but it just feels like we are better equipped to avoid long losing streaks. And it's just nice to be out to a quick start. You don't win pennants in April and May but we sure as hell learned last year you can lose them in April and May. No one has 'accidently' hit the reset button on their Xbox after a 7-2 start. But they sure have after a 2-7 start.

Also a few things from this video; Firstly I don't know why but I genuinely feel like they just filmed Ueck doing his thing up in the booth. Everyone else was acting, they just set up Joe Block with a Go Pro camera during a random game and that's what happened.

Secondly, in a video with a LOT of awkward white people dancing, these guys take the cake (yes I realize Davey Nelson is black but in a different way he's the whitest guy on the screen)

Thirdly, if you've never heard of the organist at Miller Park his name is Dean Rosko and he is an absolute BOSS. Once in a while I'll eat at Organ Piper Pizza in Milwaukee and he plays down there all the time. Octogenarian women flat out love this dude. You'd think Mick Jagger walked into the room when he takes the stage.

Also, Hank hijacking the show again. What a cocksman.