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Brewers streak hits 9 with wild play yesterday.

by Jon Henseler

Nothing to see here folks just a 2 RBI strikeout by Scooter Gennett. NBD. I mean if there was ever a doubt that 'things are going our way' THAT play was it. Some straight up Game Genie cheat code type stuff. But the thing that you love about this team is it's not like these things are happening every game. If you bottom line it this team is 10-2 because they're coming up with timely hits and pitching like the mid 90's Braves. But these types of plays going our way never hurts and after a year were it seemed like EVERYTHING went wrong it's what Mike McCarthy would call a pahsitive sign for the current year. Or in the words of Jen Bielema, #karma.

And I know a lot of superstitious* fans out there want to treat the start of this season like Fight Club and not talk about it for fear of jinxing it but you're crazy if you don't allow yourself to enjoy this a little bit*. 'Live in the moment' as they say and not worry about the future. It's a philosophy that's guided me my whole life. Which come to think of it is probably the primary reason I haven't matured or leveled up in the adult world for the better part of a decade but that's probably a different story for when my therapist opens the trust tree for business. Either way when the Brewers are playing as well as they are this is what I look like going to work:

*Tough Guy Smoke and Mirrors: I typed this entire blog with my fingers crossed. That way my talking about the Brewers good start doesn't negatively impact them. Day 1 superstition stuff really.

PS: Saw this floating around the internet and thought it appropriate considering the Cards are in town starting tonight. I like it because it's understated and leaves you thinking. Like a really good personalized license plate you spend all day trying to figure out.