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Brewers Team Streak version 2.0

by Jon Henseler

Well replace 'snakes' with 'Cardinals' and this is how I pretty much felt this weekend. Like I can handle getting swept in 4 games. Seen it happen many times. But to the Cardinals is the real kick in the eyes (the eyes being the groin of the face of course)(I'm sad the Office is ending). I mean I don't know when it happened but I think my hatred for the Cardinals outweighs my hate for the Cubs. And it's not just that I hate the Cardinals within the context of 'baseball' or 'sports.' I hate them in the context of life. Like they're a shade under Al Queda and button flies on jeans as far as I'm concerned. 

And you know what the worst part is? Like Ron Burgundy with Veronica Corningstone, they're better than us! They just do everything so well. They hit for power, they take walks, they advance runners, they capitalize on errors, they're starting pitching is phenomenal, their relief pitching is on point and their non-regional diction is exquisite. It got to the point where if you watched over the 4 game set this weekend you almost just had to tip your cap in a Wes Mantooth* pure straight hate you but dammit do I respect you kind of way. And Saturday was a classic case of them knowing how to win. We had the lead twice, and the game tied heading into the 9th and every time we did something positive the next inning they always find a way to put it together regardless of the situation. They're like the friekin' MacGyver of baseball. Except instead of a turning a toothpick and a ball of yarn into  a bomb they get a key double from a guy batting .160  and a lockdown inning from their bullpen catcher. Unreal.

In terms of the Brewers as a whole though I'm not sure what to make of this team right now. A couple of 5 game losing streaks with a 9 game winning streak sandwiched in between. All we know right now is that we NEED these two games with Texas. Can't go 2-7 on a home stand and then hit the road for 10. 

*You can tell what HBO movies are on repeat for the month without having HBO by reading this blog.

PS: Had a couple buddies go to the Cinco de Mayo game yesterday in full on sombrero's and curly mustaches. Ignorant? Maybe. Hilarious? Definitely. Plus cultural ignorance is all apart of being an American. Hell whoever said 'ignorance is bliss' was a genius. Ignorance is very underrated.