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Brewers turning up the heat?

by Jon Henseler

Alright look I don't want to blow a 4 game winning streak out of proportion. The Crew still sits at 11 games under .500 and with a 1.4% chance of making the playoffs. Certainly not where you want to be on June 11th. But consider that about a week ago their odds of making the playoffs was at around -10%, 1.4 doesn't look so bad. Bottom line for this team is if they are to navigate an Undertaker style resurrection it all comes down to pitching. Like I can't remember the last time we had two starters on back to back nights go 8 strong innings a piece. Honestly who would that have been? CC Sabathia on back to back days in '08? So if we start to see efforts like that from Lohse and Gallardo more consistently it will go a long way to making this team interesting after the trade deadline. It would be nice if we could get Peralta SOME level of consistency as well. Sometimes the guy is dominant and other times abhorrent. He's like that chick Jerry dates in Seinfeld that looks like a smokeshow at the coffee shop and the Crypt Keeper on the porch. Again though, that's what you get with young pitching. But honestly if you can creep to within 5 games of .500 by the all star break and be at .500 by the deadline, that gives you some room to be a 'buyer' and two full months to go on a hot streak. 

PS: This year is a classic example of when 'going young' goes wrong. Fiers/Rogers/Peralta looked like the second coming of Glavine/Smoltz/Maddux at times last year. This year Peralta is inconsistent, Fiers looks like Suppan circa 2009 and Rogers has logged the same amount of innings as me. This year's rotation was a bigger tease than anti-skip protection for your discman in 1997.