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Bucks efforting Jason Kidd as new head coach. Improbably have been more blog-able than the Packer for a week.

by Jon Henseler

Honest to God I can't remember the last time the Bucks have been a headline story not only in the state but NATIONALLY. Between the drafting of Jabari Parker last Thursday and now the Jason Kidd story it is flat out amazing how much coverage this team is getting. Like the Bucks, the MILWAUKEE BUCKS, led Sportscenter on Saturday night and Sunday morning. Really think about what that must have been like for the average/casual sports fan. I don't want to be hyperbolic or anything and say 'I bet millions of people heard about the Bucks for first time' but I think it's a real possibility that a couple hundred or thousand did. It was just bizarre and out of character to see the Sportscenter rundown Bucks news top to bottom. It would be like E! News leading with a story about a Presidential Debate. Or Fox Business leading with a 15 minute breakdown of penny stocks. Or CNN leading with news. Bizarro world stuff.

And as for the actual story, I'm of the 'meh why not' clique. To be fair though I've been apart of that clique for quite some time. Probably joined it around 1997 and haven't looked back since. As a Generation Y-er, it's the song of my people. That being said I'm seeing a TON of Bucks fans (roughly 7) that think this is a terrible move and I can't understand why. Number 1, as we mentioned, it puts us in the spotlight. We need that with an arena project on the horizon. Number 2, and most importantly, how could things get any worse than they were? Like if you think this is a bad move what would be a good one? Look I get that Larry Drew was put in a terrible situation last year. If he was a chef on Chopped he would have opened his basket and found old milk, brussel sprouts, Lincoln Logs and Gak. But with that understood, does anyone really think he's guiding us to a title anytime soon?

And as a firm believer that only 5 or 6 NBA coaches really 'matter' why not take a chance on a young coach with a name. Look we've got a very young team with a core of kids in their late-teens or early 20's. Giannis and Jabari haven't even voted in Presidential election yet. Half of our team isn't old enough to have been in an AOL chat-room and 80% of them think that Led Zeppelin covered Puff Daddy with Kashmir. So maybe a young coach who isn't far removed from a Hall of Fame career as a player is someone who can connect with a young core. Plus it sounds like our worst case scenario is giving up a 2nd round pick next year. Small price to pay for what could turn out to be a huge coup. It's like buying an old painting for $50 at an estate sale. Worst case you have a $50 piece or art that you throw away in a year. Best case is it turns out to be an original Picasso with a copy of the Declaration of Independence stored behind it (Nicolas Cage estate sale).

PS: Kidd did go 44-38 with a Del Boca Vista intramural team last year. And made the 2nd round of the playoffs. Somewhere the Bucks have been only ONCE in almost 20 years. Plus he had this crazy moment last year where he 'accidentally' had a player knock water out of his hand on the court of earn an extra timeout. Can't hate that hustle. If you ain't cheatin' you ain't trying.