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Bucks go on 3 day spending spree! Tens of people pumped.

by Jon Henseler

Alright Bucks fans! O.J. Mayo, ZaZa Pachulia and Carlos Delfino all locked up this weekend! Get excited!

I honestly have no idea what to make of these moves in terms of what it means long term. I like the fact that none of them are huge Michael Redd, Bobby Simmons, Dan Gadzuric-esque in terms of length. Two of the contracts are 3 year, and Delfino's is two. Which means by the time it's time to pay Sanders, Henson, and Antetokounmpo, these guys will all be gone. Plus in two years it gives us 'expiring contract' assets to trade for picks. That being said, I can't make heads or tails of whether this team is trying to rebuild, semi-rebuild, or 'compete' with these signings. My guess is the middle but that is precisely why this team will never become a contender again. Next year's draft is STACKED. Like 2003-style stacked. If there was ever a year to win 18 games and get in the top 3, this is it. I didn't mind the Mayo signing. Makes sense for him because he'll be 'the guy' with Jennings. He'll put up big numbers and when he's a free agent in 3 years, he'll still only be 28 and those smoke and mirrors numbers will get someone to sign him long term. But adding Pachulia and Delfino confuses me. Like we're either still trying to win 35 games or we're creating the all-reunion team. Vin Baker and Marty Conlon where you at?! 

Now I get that this team is at a crossroads. If you spend 3 years winning 20 games a year, there's not a great shot you get an arena which is what we really need to ever contend again. But tanking for 3 years is the only way this team will ever have a hope of being relevant again. Make sense? And the sad thing is I truly think Herb Kohl wants to win. Traditionally he has spent money signing players that he thought were going to make the team better. The problem is that he is to basketball savvy, what I am to syntax. He micro manages and he's clueless. Remember that scene in Tommy Boy where Tommy was 'checking the specs on the end line for the....rotary....girder...I'm retarded'? That's Herb Kohl. You kind of root for him because he wants the team to stay in Milwaukee but he doesn't have faintest idea of how to build a small market team. To steal a line from Tropic Thunder, we need to go FULL rebuild. And while I understand we need to reach a salary cap floor, I think these moves are more indicative of an owner just trying to make the playoffs.

PS: If you're a Bucks season ticket rep how in God's name do you try and re-up people year after year? I mean do they even need more than one phone line in that office? I picture someone at the end of the day chugging a bottle of Jack like Bluto in Animal House before Charlie Brown walking home.