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Bucks may make big splash on coaching hire, Jerry Sloan about to be offered contract.

by Jon Henseler

Honest to God I think this is probably how the hiring process should go for the Bucks coaching vacancy. Just get every available former coach that is out of the job, dress David Stern up like the clown version of Cray Joe Davola and pick a name out of the glass. Whoever's name gets yanked gets the pleasure of coaching a moribund franchise with overpaid/undertalented athletes, a history of terrible personnel decisions and a dwindling fan base! The NBA Hunger Games.

Actually the news that came out yesterday was beyond shocking, apparently Hammond has talked to, and is going to offer a contract to Jerry Sloan. Ummmmm yes please? I think? Like that would be the first real, credible coach we've had since George Karl. But you've got to wonder what his thinking would be. Dude's 71 years old. And I'm fairly certain when he left the Jazz in 2011 it was because he was out of touch with a younger game and today's athletes. Plus, at 71 you'd think the only reason he would come out of retirement is to try and win a title right? And the Bucks have about as good a shot at that as I do of cashing a social security check when I retire. So, again, what would his motivation be? At the very least we're probably done with 2 of the 3 of Jennings, Ellis and Redick. So then you basically have one of those guys, Sanders, and Henson. Like next year would be stone 1 of the Sphinx. There are no Stockton's or Malone's here. Minimum 5 years until we could vie for a #4 seed and that timetable is dependent on us hitting on every draft and free agent signing. So why would the guy who is #4 on the career wins list put himself through that? I just don't envision Sloan waiting outside of John Hammond's office looking to pledge MKE like Blue from Old School. Kind of feels like if Gordon Ramsey became the executive chef at Burger King.

All that said, this franchise is at a crossroads. It's unfortunate that the timing of the Bradley Center being out of date coincides with the team being irrelevant for 12 years. Which also coincides with Seattle wanting a team. Like if this were 2001 there wouldn't be any hesitation to get them a new arena. But in 2013 that's not the case. That's what I'm guessing this move would be about. Get some short term credibility and good vibes for 3 years and hope the city finances a new arena. Bottom line though is we need better players. Sloan is a great coach, but you've got to have something to work with. It'd be like lining Dale Earnhardt up at Talledega behind the wheel of the Bluth Company Stair Car*. Not going to matter how good a driver he is.

*13 days

PS: In a game to save my life I would take present day John Stockton over Brandon Jennings as a starting PG 100 times out of 100.