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Bucks Y2K night on Saturday looks incredible.

by Jon Henseler

Welp folks buckle up because this might be the only blog the Bucks can buy me this year and it took them dusting off Coolio* to make it happen! Honest to Jobu I think EVERY kid who grew up in the 90's can recite every line to that song. Some generations had 'Imagine' and John Lennon. We had Gangtas's Paradise and Coolio.

That plus Big Dog is going to be in attendance! Pretty sure they're breaking the old purple jersey's out of retirement as well and with prices as low as $7 how can you go wrong. And I guess they're even doing a promo where you can win a seat to watch the game with Big Dog in recliners on the baseline?! So watching a game with Big Dog and Coolio halftime show; basically just wrote 13 year old Jon's Make-A-Wish. 

In fact you know what they should do Saturday? Get players from that 2000 team to actually play the game. Darvin 'Ham Slamwich' Ham, Big Dog, Cassel, Tim Thomas before he started robbing money from us, I'm sure Jason Caffey could use the paycheck and Ervin 'Not Magic' Johnson is certainly doing nothing important. Plus Scotty Williams is already an assistant coach and you can't convince me Larry Drew hasn't thought of putting him in a game anyway at some point this year. Make it happen Herb!

*Fun Fact: Coolio actually performs pre and post game at every Bucks game outside of the Bradley Center.

PS: I know this season has been an unmitigated disaster but this is seriously what this team needs. We need the OKC Thunder road map. Durant, Westbrook, Harden (when he was there) were ALL draft picks. Giannis is going to be a stud, Henson is developing, Wolters looks better each night. Bring in a guy like Jabari Parker or Wiggins in June, suffer through another (somewhat less) abysmal year, hit lottery again. Rinse and repeat and by 2017 Seattle might actually have a decent team.

Double PS: Disregard that 'PS.' Just read an article breaking down the Neal/Ridnour trade that freed up some cap space yesterday and in it Herb Kohl is talking about 'going for it' next year. Going for it? I know we have a lot of cap room but Jiminy Cricket there's no chance a team with 10 wins is 'going for it' the next season I don't care how good our young talent is. That'd be like me losing 7 pounds before summer and trying to date Kate Upton.