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Bud Selig has never sent an email.

by Jon Henseler

This might legitimately be the most preposterous thing I've ever read in my entire life. It's 2013 and Bud Selig has never sent a single email. Not one. He's never sent a friend a message to catch up, he's never fowarded a viral video, nothing. I mean really think about that. I'm not sure if I'm more shocked or impressed. People wonder why baseball hasn't expanded instant replay or won't allow blogs to share their highlight videos. It's because the guy in charge is treating the internet like it's a fad and in order to get in his ear you need to send a letter via Pony Express. Wake up Bud! It's 2013! Technology is here to stay. So open up a GMAIL account! Spend an afternoon getting lost in the related videos section of Youtube! Crush candy while you poop! Live a little my man.

On the other hand I do sort of envy this approach. Like you know you've got an important job when you can say 'meh' to sending emails. Legitimately I think B93 would degrade to a scene from Mad Max if you told us tomorrow we had to start operating without email or g-chat. But while the rest of us are living in a George Orwell novel and getting NSA-ed all day er' day, Bud is living like John Connor off the grid. In a way you've got to respect it. A modern day Henry David Thoreau.