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California Chrome co-owner Steve Coburn lost out on the Triple Crown but gave an interview for the ages Saturday.

by Jon Henseler

Get a load of Wilfred Brimley here just lighting up the world of horse racing after his pony California Chrome lost out on the triple crown on Saturday! 'This is the coward's way out and don't forget to check for than darn diabeetus!' (direct quote with small editorializing). Honestly I don't know the first thing about horse racing but with that said he is 1,000% correct if I'm following what he's saying (coin flip odds there). Basically they bring in a bunch of fresh, ringer horses that didn't have to race at the Derby or Preakness to take down a shot a history against a fatigued California Chrome? Preposterous! If that's true I'm totally on board with this guy. That'd be like someone joining a marathon 10 miles in and winning it. Steve Coburn needs to be the next Commissioner of Horse Racing/President of the United States.

Also this quote had me dying for some reason: 'I'm 61 and I'll never see another triple crown in my lifetime.' Easy Steve. You're 61 not 81. You might be right but he prefaced it by acting like 61 is on death's door. If that's true when I turn 30 next week I need to make a mid-life crisis purchase in a bad way. Original Boba Fett helmet and a Chrysler LeBaron should do the trick.

PS: Love the way he talks to his wife too. 'Not now Carol I'm hijacking the whole day with my post-race Andy Rooney speech!'

Double PS: You know who this guy is a DEAD ringer for outside of Wilfred Brimley. The duel guy from The Simpsons. If he would have just screamed 'I demand satisfaction!' before the camera cut away I would have immolated I think....