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Canadian weathermen reporting from a blizzard that puts our winter to shame.

by Jon Henseler

Listen I know everyone has had it with winter in Wisconsin this year but this is a 1 minute and 19 second reality check. Two weather guys in Canada staring down 4,000 mph (rough estimate on metric conversion) winds getting layers of their skin peeled off all while sounding calm about the whole thing. Like if I didn't hear the wind I'd think these guys worked for NPR. :51 second mark where he says 'yeah we're fine' after his partner just about got blown to Alaska and the :58 second mark where he says 'I don't know if it's sunny.....not quite' had me laughing my ass off. These make "Jim Cantore look about as tough as an internet blogger.

PS: I never understand people that complain about cold weather in winter or hot weather in summer when they don't work outside or in a factory for a living. Like if you're paving a highway when it's 102 degrees outside or delivering mail in -60 degree windchill, you can bitch for 8 straight hours and that's fine. But people who work a job (let's suspend reality for a second there) like me and get all upset I'll never understand. Like I go from my heated house, to my heated car with auto-start to my heated office. I'm outside experiencing the cold for approximately 41 seconds a day.