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Carlos Gomez Googled 'Rich People Conversations' after he signed his extension last year.

by Jon Henseler

Absolutely hilarious. Carlos Gomez signs a 25 million dollar extension last year and immediately googles 'rich people conversations' so he can fit in with the 1%. Eating kiwi by the pound because that's what rich people do. They dress up like Mr. Peanut and eat kiwi all day err day. It's called potassium ever heard of it?

I mean if Carlos Gomez and Yasiel Puig aren't your favorite baseball players at this point you've got a big dump in your pants. They Cadillac home runs, give hilarious interviews, make a mockery of the baseball oligarchy (googled rich people words there) and actually, GASP, have a GOOD time playing a GAME! And yet somehow it seems like 75% of the baseball world can't stand them because when they pimp home runs they personally piss in everyone's Cheerios or something. 'Respect the game blah blah act like you've been there yada yada Tony La Russa blah.' Haters gonna hate I suppose. Also if I ever see a video of Gomez eating his Snickers bar with a knife and fork like Costanza I'm going to implode on myself.

PS: I would pay literally thousands of internet dollars to see Gomez's entire Google search history for a week. I'd imagine there's some wild, wild stuff there.

Double PS: Has every seen this video?! I haven't watched the whole Dominican Republic Carlos Gomez FSN Spotlight or whatever but apparently this is on it. Gomez just housing a Wendy's #7 and sexy pizza (?) for 45 straight days. Gomez doing Gomez things.

Triple PS: I'm just assuming the #7 is the Baconater because if you go to Wendy's and don't get a Baconater you're a psychopath of the highest order.

Quadruple PS: The Wendy's girl can get it.