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Carlos Gomez makes a girl's life at Miller Park yesterday.

by Jon Henseler

Nothing to see here folks. Just Carlos Gomez continuing to disrespect baseball's fans and spit in the eye of tradition. Classic GoGo. Enjoy your suspension hotdog!

PS: In all honesty this was the best moment of the weekend. And the only good moment from yesterday. Just shows you how times have changed for young Brewers fans. Like when I was her age I'm sure I was down at field level searching for autographs but with the core of players we had I'm 98% sure I would never have cried meeting a player. Nobody was crying Knowshon Moreno tears over getting the Herbie Hancock of Turner Ward or Jody Reed. Bob Hamelin maybe.

Double PS: Big early season series in St. Louis starts tonight. Sucks that it sounds like Braun and Segura are both out for the series but we need to get a win or two just to prove we can beat that team. Got a couple buddies actually heading down for all three games. I honestly have $50 riding on the fact that they're going to have to genuflect before they are allowed to sit in their row like a pew at Sunday church.