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CC Sabathia turns 34 today so here is a 2 minute recap of the most exciting week in Brewers baseball

by Jon Henseler

CC Sabathia turned up on my 'celebrity birthday' list this morning (name a DJ who still reads celebrity birthdays you can: me) and in honor of that I wanted to play a clip of the final out he got against the Cubs on the final day of the 2008 season. This was the first video up and it is basically a September '08 Brewers boner jams. I forgot about how many walkoff shots there were in that last week. Easily the most entertaining stretch of baseball I've ever seen. Granted up until that season the most entertaining stretch of Brewers baseball I'd ever seen was a 10 game winning streak during a season they still managed to lose 94 games (2003) and Steve Woodard out-dueling Roger Clemens in his Major League debut. Nick Neugebauer's debut was top 5 too. So yeah, needless to say pretty slim pickings. But that stretch of baseball where Prince was hitting walk-off's and Braunie was hitting walk-offs and passing piss tests and CC was pitching every 2 days* was amazing. I was there for that Cubs game and I don't think anything I've ever seen live in sports will ever compare to when that ball jumped off of Braunie's bat to give them a 3-1 lead. Miller Park was literally up for grabs. Sticking around to watch the Marlins beat the Mets on the big screen and celebrate the first confetti storm in Milwaukee since 1982. Felt like we won the World Series. So here's to CC and hopefully some good vibes to get the Crew out of their funk!

*Might have been every 3 days but CC Sabathia is one of those 'tale tale' type of deals where you're always embellishing facts as the years go by to make it sound more outrageous. Like when some people talk about their 21st birthday they add two more shots they took each time they tell it. Same deal here. If I'm still blogging for CC's 40th birthday I'm sure it will read something to the effect of 'CC pitched two complete games of an day/night double header one of which was a no hitter while also hitting the game winning home run to get the Brewers in the playoffs. He also threw 3 TD's for the Packers the same day.'

PS: Youtube related video section you are a cruel time suck but I love you for it: bonus video of Tony Plush's walkoff against he D-Backs in 2011. GOTTA GO!