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Charles Ramsey does the impossible, wins the internet 2 consecutive days.

by Jon Henseler

Charles Ramsey folks! Officially one of the all time greats of the internet era. Like do you know how hard it is to win the internet two days in a row? Almost impossible. Internet fame is fickle and fleeting.  If TV news is on a 24 hour cycle, then the  internet is on about an 11 minute cycle. One minute you're famous, the next minute there's a video of a cat playing with a piece of paper to replace you. But our man Charles Ramsey here somehow made it happen with this Anderson Cooper interview. Retelling his story from yesterday and flashing a paycheck right in Cooper's grillmix. Like throwing no hitters in back to back starts. Well done Ramsey.

PS: Granted I appreciate his willingness to pass up any kind of reward here, but my man, maybe just take a little something on the side. Hit up the dentist, maybe check out a Men's Warehouse, you know nothing extravagant but at least capitalize a little bit on the fact that you've totally out shined the fact that two women who were kidnapped for 10 years were found against all odds. I mean that's borderline incredible when you think about it. Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus are basically side notes at this point. At the very least McDonalds should throw him a sponsorship. Dude name drops them at least 16 times per TV spot.

Double PS: This video sums up my feelings about pre-season football, spring training baseball and how long internet fame lasts: