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Chris Jericho drops a 'Sheboygan' on Raw last night.

by Jon Henseler

Pretty cool little scene here on Raw (is War) last night. Jericho just dropping a Sheboygan in people's faces like it's nobody's business. I think he might have called us jackasses too? But whatever we'll take it! Wouldn't shock me even a little if we put a picture of Jericho up on our county lines that plays 'welcome to Sheboygan jackasses!' when people drive thru. Best bit of publicity that this city has gotten since Bob Ryan's last Frank the Tank moment.*

*There a minimum 27% chance that the Ryan scandal is why 'Sheboygan' even came to Jericho's head. You're welcome Sheboygan!

PS: You know what's sad? If a listener didn't copy me on this I wouldn't have had a clue this happened. That's where Raw is on my priority list. Like every once in a while I'll try to watch it but I end up fast forwarding it until my DVR asks me if I want to delete it. Just isn't what it once was. I can remember in the heyday of the Monday night wars when I would get up on Tuesday morning at like 4am to watch tapes of Nitro and Raw from the night before because I had to be in bed at 9pm on school nights (pretty much the same deal for me now that I'm 29). Like THAT'S how good those shows were. You couldn't show up at school and not know what went down. I remember once I screwed up the 'EP, LP' recording times on my folk's VCR and missed the last 10 minutes of the Raw where the Rock and Sock Connection formed. Heart break city when the tape cut out. Had to go to school that Tuesday and act like I knew what everyone was talking about*. Charlie Brown walking in the halls like you read about.

*Ever have somebody say 'hey did you see ______' and you didn't but you don't want whomever is telling you the story to give you a 10 minute set up to explain a reference? So you just say 'yeah' and laugh awkwardly and say things like 'I know right?!' THAT was how I had to operate that morning.