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Christian Ponder just gained infinity cool points.

by Jon Henseler

Christian Ponder and his absolute smokebomb wife Samantha Steele going as Wendy Peffercorn and Squints for Halloween. I gotta say I've never really had an opinion on Ponder other than I hate him, but this may change my opinion. Remember that scene in The Goonies where the Fratelli's have Chunk confessing to all his sins and the dude goes 'I'm beginning to like this kid ma.' Bingo. No quicker way to turn your PR around then hitting the 90's nostalgia note for Halloween. Well played Christian.

PS: He also had this gem on Sunday. Some reporter asked him about Jennings' 1 catch performance and Ponder tells him 'I guess he wasn't open' even though Jennings was 1 on none at least 4 times. Ponder so hot right now. Ponder.